Problem solution essay environmental problems

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problem solution essay environmental problems

The Tragedy of the commons, by garrett Hardin (1968)

Are they seriously being followed? What bodies look into this issue? Do they do their jobs? Child Labor In as much as we have child labor laws, does this mean theyre followed to the latter? What penalty is charged under the circumstances of child labor? Is it working or is there an alternative?

What if jobs are not the solution but the problem?

Does the public need to know that theyre being spied on? What rights do they have against the matter at hand? What is spondylolisthesis influence of technology on students that also affect others privacy? Money in Politics Are politicians allowed to squander public funds to carry out their campaigns? Do they do it anyway? What steps can we take to stop this? Environmental Pollution How effective are environmental pollution laws? Are industries following these laws? If not, what is being done to fight pollution? Use of Animals in Scientific Research What are the ethics of animal use in scientific research?

Special needs Children in Normal Schools Segregation and poor treatment of students front with special needs is a common problem in normal schools. These children are always in jeopardy from the others, sometimes being bullied and treated differently by the teachers. Exam Cheating Exams should be made stringent so that cheating is dealt with in schools. In your argumentative essay, try to look at some ways to make them strict. Drug Abuse Amongst Students Why do students engage in drug abuse? How should this be dealt with? Illiteracy Eradication Are the existing programs working towards literacy promotion? What other approaches can be used? Privacy Are the existing laws promoting the privacy of the general public from government spying?

problem solution essay environmental problems

How to make wealth - paul Graham

Domestic violence This is common in homes where one parent or both are drunkards or drug abusers. However, these are not the only contributory factors so you could look into some more of these. You could also look into possible remedies. Immigration Undocumented immigration has been associated with some criminal activities and drug trafficking. What policies are in place to address the issue? What factors are considered before deportation? Relationships and faithfulness Students face lots of relationship issues. What does the law say about these? What does the school administration do in such scenarios?

Are there rules protecting the home owners? If yes, just how effective are they? Inflation and High Cost of living Why is the cost of living so high? What is the federal government doing about it? What can I do about it? Book-knowledge The current system of education is so much into books rather than practical skills (at least in most countries). Should new policies or curriculum be introduced to focus much on practical and application based learning?

The Tragedy of the commons by garrett Hardin - the garrett

problem solution essay environmental problems

Water seepage, problem and Solutions - amity Environmental

Student loans and Higher Education Affordability. Higher education can be very expensive for students from certain backgrounds. Unemployed essentials parents/ guardians, those with special needs, the sick and the elderly might find it difficult to raise the required fees. What happens in such a scenario? What are the governments/ relevant authorities doing to curb these issues? How do you expect an unemployed graduate to pay for the hefty student loans used to pay for their fees? Cash Management While at School, many students dont know how to plan for their money.

I think its high time we admitted that this is one issue that contributes to other later issues. Assume that a student carelessly misuses their money dissertation before the semester is over. What do they resolve to? Crime, drug abuse and other vices to support their stay while at school. What can be done to address this issue? Homelessness and Home foreclosures There are many homeless people simply because they were subjected to some foreclosures following some unpaid debts or rent. What policies can be established to reduce the burden of owning a home?

How effective have they been and what can be done to change the situation as it is now? Bullying and Other Forms of Harassment in Schools. This is one of the best problem - solution essay topics for college students. In as much as bullying is there in high schools, its also a menace for some college students. Adoption and Population Control, lets face it!

The world population is growing at a very high rate and if something is not done, well be more than the globe can support. Its time we addressed adoption policies and altered them a little bit to encourage more people to adopt the neglected and homeless children. Unemployment, long-term unemployment needs to be addressed since its a reality in modern society. Whose role is it to create jobs? What rules/ laws exist regarding unemployment? Should corporations be tasked with the role of creating jobs or should this be federal/ local governments job? What risk factors predispose individuals to unemployment and how can these be dealt with?

Ielts writing Task 2: 'positive or negative' essay - ielts

What programs have been established in schools and just how effective have they been in eradicating or lowering the suicide cases? Murder/ Crime, generally, crime is there in almost all campuses and countries at large. People are demonstrating every now and then because of a robbery somewhere, murder and such criminal activities. Crime is such a huge topic that you can always discuss and find some solutions. Community-based policing can be a fruitful solution. You just have to ask the right questions! Corruption, needless to say, corruption lab is a major problem that still affects most institutions and countries especially in the developing countries. What factors contribute to corruption? What legal procedures have been set degenerative to address this vice?

problem solution essay environmental problems

When you have so many topics to talk about, choose what youre passionate about and it will be super-easy for you to develop a substantial argument for. Lets take a quick look at some of the most interesting problem solution essay topics for students that will help you in writing an essay. Sexual Assaults, these are pretty common phenomena on campus and college grounds and its time somebody stood up for the act. Something should be done to stop or at least lower the cases of sexual assaults both in school and the society at large. An argumentative essay can be formulated to discuss essay some steps that can be taken by university administration to stop these vices. Suicide, a well-developed argumentative essay can be designed to discuss such questions as: what hinders people from asking for help before committing suicides? What are the relevant organizations/ authorities doing on these suicides?

Reducing Neglect Runaways Safety and Security sex-education In Schools Acid rain Social Security subsidizing. Beat the clock with expert help. Do you spend countless hours trying to look for the best problem - solution essay topics? Why bite your nails so much when problems are so many around you? Brainstorming for the best idea can be hectic i agree. This is especially the case when you have lots of ideas to choose from. Basically, problem solution essays identify a problem which you try to solve. The only thing here is that you defend or argue for a set course of action and counter-argue against the others.

Abusive marketing, alternate Energy sources. Bankruptcy, cheating, cigarette Advertising, climate Change Abuse of Patent Medicines. Competency tests, corporate Whistleblowing, dangers of food Additives, decreasing Car Accidents. Dental health Depression, discrimination, domestic violence, dropouts. Drunk Driving Accidents, effects of Prejudice, family Breakdowns. Fat in Low Price food Products. Food Labeling, forced Retirement, foreign Import Concurrency, gambling. Gun Control, healthy hate Crimes, health Care, illegal Immigration.

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Problem-Solution Essay topics and Ideas - great Topics For Free! Invest in your Academic Success, hire the writing help that guarantees good grades. The key idea of loyalty writing a problem / solution essay is choosing a sophisticated topic for your future discussion. You can select something as simple as discussing the ways of eliminating tobacco usage or go for the topic of poverty elimination. Try presenting your readers with commonly accepted ways of fighting the problem as well as brainstorm some alternatives that were never thought of before. Still not sure what to discuss in your problem / solution essay? Here is the list of problem / solution essays topics handpicked by our writers and editors.

problem solution essay environmental problems
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To surely solve this huge environmental problem.

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  1. Brainstorming for the best idea can be hectic i agree. Global Warming Solutions Essay for. Understand and solve the problems related to the global warming.

  2. Here is the list of problem / solution essays topics handpicked by our. Work Environment Academic Pressure; we write Essays from. Do you spend countless hours trying to look for the best problem - solution essay topics? Why bite your nails so much when problems are so many around you?

  3. Problem - solution Essay. We too are responsible for this environmental problem. The environmental problems of Metro manila are mostly the effect. Problem - solution Essay topics.

  4. 277 words essay environmental problem? 15 Outstanding, solution Essay, topics. A solution essay presents a problem, describes what the writer thinks is the best solution to the problem, and then supports his or her choice of solution.

  5. And, solution, research Paper. In composition, problem - solution is a method for analyzing and writing about a topic by identifying a problem and proposing one or more solutions. A problem - solution essay is a type of argument. Response to protect encampment opened with problem solution of the purpose.

  6. Problem and, solution Essay, environment. What comes out of your mind whenever you think about the environment? Think about all the causes like pollutions that causes unhealthy environment, which can also lead to global warming. All current environmental issues are interwoven around this sitting.

  7. Environmental problems and solutions essay. Pollution environmental issues are in children problem - solution essay. Can get a list of the best a free essay examples.

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