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66 Nashville offered many special events, including the music City Eclipse Science technology festival at the Adventure Science center. 71 The Italian Lights Festival hosted the largest Eclipse viewing Party in Nashville, a free nasa-certified Eclipse event held at the bicentennial Mall. 72 Two astrophysicists from nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory emceed the countdown. 73 North Carolina edit georgia edit south Carolina edit Anderson - viewing at the Green Pond Landing on lake hartwell with food trucks, astronomer, and music. Unfortunately clouds blocked the sun at the time of totality. Charleston - the college of Charleston hosted nasa's "eclipse headquarters" broadcast as part of an afternoon eclipse viewing celebration on the green behind the campus library.

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61 nasa edge was there broadcasting live from southern Illinois University carbondale with a four-hour and thirty-minute show (11:45.m. 62 Carterville a three-day rock festival called moonstock was headlined by ozzy osbourne, who performed during the eclipse. 63 Goreville view the eclipse with the University of Illinois Astronomy department. 64 Kentucky edit An eclipse photographer in Madisonville, kentucky tennessee edit nasa tv 's live coverage was being watched.4 million people at 1:40 edt, accounting for 87 of all traffic. Federal government websites Athens The city of Athens hosted "Total Eclipse of the park" at Athens Regional Park, including entertainment, food, and vendors. 68 english Clarksville austin peay state University presented several educational events, including an appearance by astronaut business Rhea seddon. 69 cookeville tennessee technological University hosted a solar eclipse viewing party at Tucker Stadium. 6 cookeville hosted special events from Saturday to monday. McMinnville celebrated the eclipse by hosting blackout 2017, an eclipse viewing event held in the city square. In addition to the viewing, a selection of food trucks and musical acts which features The pink Floyd Appreciation Society band who performed Pink Floyd's The dark side of the moon in its entirety prior to the totality event. 70 Memphis At AutoZone park, the memphis Redbirds, a class aaa baseball team, played an eclipse game against the visiting New Orleans Baby cakes.

56 Potosi hora Eclipse, an Israeli folkdance camp coordinated with the eclipse, was held at ymca trout Lodge and Camp lakewood, near the mark Twain National Forest. More information at the event's website, especially its post-mortem page. Clair An event organized by the. Clair City Chamber of Commerce. Joseph An event organized by Front Page Science was held at Rosecrans Memorial Airport. Louis david Tipper hosted his Tipper friends 4321 electronic music event at Astral Valley art Park featuring 5 days of music, art, and eclipse viewing. 59 Illinois edit carbondale southern Illinois University sponsored many eclipse related educational events, including the two day crossroads Astronomy, offer science and Technology Expo, and viewing at Saluki stadium. 60 Amtrak ran a special train, the Eclipse Express, from Chicago to carbondale.

solar presentation

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The game was paused for 26 minutes in the middle of empire the third inning to observe the eclipse. The saltdogs players wore special eclipse-themed uniforms that were auctioned off after the game. 49 47 Kansas edit Atchison benedictine college hosted thousands in its football stadium. There were students from schools from Kansas, missouri, nebraska, and Oklahoma attending, plus numerous other guests who heard from, amongst others, astronomers from the vatican Observatory. 50 Missouri edit columbia the cosmo park and the gans Creek park were open for the eclipse. 51 There was a watch party on campus for the students of the University of Missouri, 52 and the mu health degenerative Care system released eye safety information. 53 Kansas City a 5-mile (8 km) bicycle ride from downtown kcmo (where totality only lasted about 30 seconds) to macken Park in North Kansas City (where totality lasted 1 minute 13 seconds) was organized by kc pedal Party Club, a local meetup group. 54 Lathrop The city celebrated its 150th anniversary with an eclipse festival. 55 Parkville totalEclipseofthePark August 20 educational program featuring nasa glenn Research Center Hall of Famer Lynn Bondurant, '61, and August 21 watch party organized by park University.

41 riverton The biggest Polish expedition conducted as the Great Expedition of Polish Society of Amateur Astronomers was flocked between riverton and Soshoni in the central line of totality. 42 Nebraska edit Alliance entertainment and educational seminars were offered. 43 abc news reported live from Carhenge during totality. 44 Auburn nemaha county hospital hosted an eclipse viewing event, including sharing safety tips from Lifetime vision Center. 45 beatrice homestead National Monument of America events were held with representatives from nasa on Saturday, sunday and the day of the eclipse. 46 47 Grand Island Stuhr Museum hosted an eclipse viewing event, including the launch of a nasa eclipse observing balloon. 48 Lincoln At haymarket Park, the lincoln Saltdogs, an independent baseball team in the American Association, defeated the gary southShore railCats 8-5 in a special eclipse game, with 6,956 in attendance.

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23 The path of the 2017 eclipse crosses with the path of the upcoming total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, with the intersection of the two paths being in southern Illinois in makanda township at Cedar lake, just south of Carbondale. An area of about 9,000 square miles (23,000 km2 including the cities of makanda, carbondale, cape girardeau, missouri, and Paducah, kentucky, will thus experience two total solar eclipses within a span of less than seven years. Citation needed The cities of Benton, carbondale, chester, harrisburg, marion, and Metropolis in Illinois; Cape girardeau, farmington, and Perryville in Missouri, as well as Paducah, kentucky, will also be in the path of the 2024 eclipse, thereby earning the distinction of witnessing two total solar. The solar eclipse of August 12, 2045 will have a very similar path of totality over the. To the 2017 eclipse: about 400 km (250 mi) to the southwest, also crossing the pacific and Atlantic coasts of the country; however, totality will be more than twice as long. 24 Total eclipse viewing events edit Oregon edit campers on a field near Madras, Oregon, three days before the eclipse diamond ring effect and some prominences at the end of totality in Oregon Idaho edit total eclipse from weiser, Idaho Arco high altitude balloon report launches. 34 Craters of the moon The national Monument and Preserve hosted nasa presentations, evening star parties hosted by the Idaho falls Astronomical Society, and presentations by the new Mexico Chapter of the Charlie bates Solar Astronomy Project.

34 Idaho falls Free entertainment and educational seminars and an eclipse-watching event at the museum of Idaho (an official nasa viewing site) and elsewhere, and a free eclipse-watching event at Melaleuca field. 35 36 Rexburg Brigham young University Idaho offered a series of eclipse-related adam educational events. 37 weiser The city sponsored a five-day festival prior to the eclipse. 38 wyoming edit casper The Astronomical league, an alliance of amateur astronomy clubs, held its annual Astrocon conference, 39 and there were other public events, called wyoming Eclipse festival 2017. 40 Fort Laramie fort Laramie held an eclipse viewing event, which included a special "Great American Eclipse" Program.

(see gallery - partial eclipse section). Other celestial bodies edit during totality stars and 4 planets were visible, including Regulus close to the sun. Mars was 8 degrees to the right, and Venus 34 degrees right. Mercury was 10 degrees left, and Jupiter 51 degrees left. During the eclipse for a long span of its path of totality, several bright stars and four planets were visible. The star-system Regulus was visible slightly to the west of the sun.

16 Other eclipses over the United States edit This was the first total solar eclipse visible from the United States since that of July 11, 1991 17 —which was seen only from part of Hawaii 18 —and the first visible from the contiguous United States. 19 An eclipse of comparable length (up to 3 minutes, 8 seconds, with the longest eclipse being 6 minutes and 54 seconds) occurred over the contiguous United States on March 7, 1970 along the southern portions of the eastern seaboard, from Florida to virginia. 20 The path of totality of the solar eclipse of February 26, 1979 crossed only the states of Washington, oregon, idaho, montana, and North dakota. Many enthusiasts traveled to the pacific Northwest to view the eclipse, since it would be the last chance to view such an eclipse in the contiguous United States for almost four decades. 21 22 The august 2017 eclipse was the first with a path of totality crossing the pacific and Atlantic coasts of the. Also, its path of totality made landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country's declaration of independence in 1776. Prior to this, the path of totality of the eclipse of June 13, 1257, was the last to make landfall exclusively on lands currently part of the United States.

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12 Animation of the eclipse shadow. The dot in the center represents the the path of totality. The longest ground duration of totality was 2 minutes.6 seconds at about 37350N 8970W /.58333N.11667W /.58333; -89.11667 in giant City State park, just south of Carbondale, illinois, and the greatest extent (width) was at 36580N 874018W /.96667N.67167W /.96667;. 13 This was the first total solar eclipse visible from the southeastern United States since the solar eclipse of March 7, 1970. Two nasa wb-57F flew above the clouds, prolonging the observation time spent in the umbra. 14 A partial solar eclipse was seen from the much broader path of the moon 's penumbra, including all of North America, particularly areas just south of the totality pass, where the eclipse lasted about 35 hours, northern south America, western Europe, and some. At one location in wyoming, a small group of astronomers used telescopic lenses to photograph the sun as it was in partial eclipse, while the iss was also seen to briefly transit the sun. 15 Similar images were captured by nasa from a location in Washington.

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Shortly after 10:15.m. Pdt (17:15 UTC) at Oregon's Pacific coast, and then it progressed eastward through Salem, Oregon ; Idaho falls, Idaho ; Casper, wyoming ; Lincoln, nebraska ; Kansas City, missouri ;. Louis, missouri ; Hopkinsville, kentucky ; and Nashville, resume tennessee ; before reaching Columbia, south Carolina about 2:41.m.; 11 and finally Charleston, south Carolina. A partial eclipse was seen for a greater time period, beginning shortly after 9:00.m. Pdt along the pacific coast of Oregon. Weather forecasts predicted clear skies in Western. And some eastern states, but clouds in the midwest and East coast.

as never before, capturing popular attention and enhancing the social experience. Marriage proposals took place coinciding with the eclipse, and at least one wedding was also planned and took place to coincide with the eclipse. 5 6 Logistical problems were expected with the influx of visitors, especially for smaller communities. 7 The sale of counterfeit eclipse glasses was also anticipated to be a hazard for eye injuries. 8 Future total solar eclipses will cross the United States in April 2024 (12 states) and August 2045 (10 states and annular solar eclipses —wherein the moon appears smaller than the sun—will occur in October 2023 (9 states) and June 2048 (9 states). Contents Visibility edit The total eclipse had a magnitude.0306 and was visible within a narrow corridor 70 miles (110 km) wide, crossing fourteen of the contiguous United States : Oregon, idaho, montana, wyoming, nebraska, kansas, iowa, missouri, illinois, kentucky, tennessee, georgia, north Carolina, and. 9 10 It was first seen from land in the.

The path of totality touched 14 states, and the rest of the. Had a partial eclipse. The area of the path of totality was about 16 percent of the area of the United States, 3 with most of this area over the ocean, not land. The event's shadow began thesis to cover land on the. Oregon coast as a partial eclipse at 4:05.m. Pdt with the total eclipse beginning there at 5:16.m. Pdt the total eclipse's land coverage ended along the south Carolina coast at about 6:44.m. Visibility as a partial eclipse.

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The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, dubbed the Great American Eclipse " by the media, 1 was a total solar eclipse visible within a band that spanned the entire contiguous United plan States, passing from the, pacific to the. As a partial solar eclipse, it was visible on land from. Nunavut in northern Canada to as far south as northern. In northwestern, europe and Africa, it was partially visible in the late evening. Asia, it was visible only at the eastern extremity, the. Prior to this event, no solar eclipse had been visible across the entire contiguous United States since. June 8, 1918 ; not since the, february 1979 eclipse had a total eclipse been visible from anywhere in the mainland United States.

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  4. Quarks to quasars: This website presents the universe in powers. From the smallest particles within the nucleus of an atom to the expanse of the visible universe and beyond, a unique sequence of images displays the relative sizes of objects in our universe.

  5. Welcome to the eu pvsec the Innovation Platform for the Global pv solar Sector. To recap — using an optimal fourier Transform, david evans discovered a form of notch filter operating between changes in sunlight and temperatures on Earth. This means there must be a delay — probably around 11 years. This not only fitted with the length of the solar dynamo cycle, but also with.

  6. Android o is touching down to earth with the total solar eclipse, bringing some super (sweet) new powers! Powered by the wind and sun, this glowing butterfly spinner brings beauty in motion to your outdoor decor. Daylight, or the light of day, is the combination of all direct and indirect sunlight during the is includes direct sunlight, diffuse sky radiation, and (often) both of these reflected by the earth and terrestrial objects, like landforms and buildings.

  7. The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, dubbed "The Great American Eclipse" by the media, was a total solar eclipse visible within a band that spanned the entire contiguous United States, passing from the pacific to the Atlantic coasts. Solar space heating - design guides and construction plans for many types of solar space heating, both active and passive. Traditionally, trucks are conceived by designers who sketch them out on paper, with an eye toward e freightliner SuperTruck took an unconventional approach. The basic shape was born as a 3D computer model, which was carefully honed by aerodynamicists using digital wind.

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