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reasons of obesity essay

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Finally, scientists conclude that those mice without the gene weighed 30 percent less than those with it, due to a reduced amount of fat in their bodies. They were also found to be resistant to obesity as well  as diabetes, and burned energy more efficiently. This example explains clearly how genetic affect humans. Other important cause of obesity is lack of awareness. Nawdays, many people dont have good habits they dont see what they eat they dont even care about. Thats why a lot of people eat everytime more junk food and fast food. This food Is high in fat and cholesterol.

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Causes of, obesity, obesity attacks over half people in America. Obesity occurs when a person weight is above its ideal body weight, and this is a major problem in America. Consequently; Genetic, lack of awareness, and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity. Genetic, is one of the most important causes of obesity. A resent study had show that gene controls body composition by regulating metabolism. During the study scientists had two sets of mince for experimentation. They found out that the problem was the irx-3 which is a member of the Iroquois homeobox gene family and plays a role in an early step of natural development. We will write a custom essay sample on, the causes of obesity or any similar topic specifically for you. While the first set was normal, the second was engineered essay without the irx-3 gene. Both sets ate the same diet and were exposed to the same exercise.

Children of obese or overweight parents are much more prone to be overweight or obese due to eating the same food and mimic the parents level of activity. Obesity cannot be inherited, but disorders that can be result in obesity can. Hormone imbalances, steroids, and psychological medication can cause childhood obesity, but these events are very rare. Illnesses that prevent children from involvement in physical activity can result in obesity on rare occasions. Two of these illnesses are Prader-Willi syndrome and Chrusings syndrome. Prader-Willi syndrome is a congenital (present from birth) disease. It affects many parts of the body. People with this condition are obese.

reasons of obesity essay

Causes and effects of obesity essay

Obesity can result from a form of low self-esteem, depression, or dramatic life events. Dramatic events in the lives of young children such as deaths in the family, divorce of the parents, or moving from one place to another can also study lead to overeating. Some children overeat as a way of dealing with problems in their lives or living under emotional stress and boredom and the lack of financial resources can play another part in childhood obesity as well. Children raised in low-income backgrounds have a much greater risk of dealing with obesity. Poverty can also inhibit some parents from being able to provide their children with proper nutritional diets and activities due to the lack of time and money. Childhood obesity is thought to not only result in emotional matters, poor nutrition, or lack of financial resources, but yet also genetics. Genetics are a cause of obesity in children, because metabolic rate disorder can be inherited. If one of a childs parents are obese, the child like has about a 50 percent chance of becoming obese however, its more likely to become the lifestyle a child inherits.

However, i would debate that our lifestyle are really to blame we are so overly engage that we go to fast food restaurant instead of eating healthy meal at home. Children are considered obese is they have a body mass measure greater than for their age when unhealthy, fatty or sugary foods are consumed along with lacking amounts of exercise, obesity usually the outcome, eating high-calorie foods usually like fast foods, baked goods, and vending. Research shows that almost about one-third. Children between ages four and nineteen consume fast food everyday out coming in a weight gain of about six to nine extra pounds each year, per child (nachri). Fast food consumption has increased numerous among children since 1970. Because of the abundance and availability unhealthy foods, children are very prone of becoming over weight. obesity ml In the United States, The average child spends about for hours each day watching television (eMedicinehealth). This is the amount of time that could be spent outdoors participating in activities such as bike, roller-skating, and playing basketball. Emotional matters are another cause of childhood obesity.

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reasons of obesity essay

Obesity essay : The number of obese people is significantly increasing

S has increased at a rapid speed over the pass years, and there is no chance of it slowing down unless matters are taken. A fast-food craze has swept the nation, consequentially leaving a trail of defective nutrition in its wake. Fast-food corporations seems to be uplifting children to consume regular amounts of unhealthy foods by giving away toys with a purchase of a kids meals. Television, computers, cell phones, and video games are which considered to be technological necessities, have begun to take of the importance of exercise. By these influences can lead up to childhood obesity, which comes along with an overwhelming abundance of negative effects obesity puts children at a every high risk of numerous illnesses not only do children with poor eating habitats have unhealthy weight, but yet they have.

Despite the obstacles, there are ways to slow the outbreak thats called childhood obesity. Prevention can be accomplished rey by following a balanced diet and participating in physical activities. There are a great deal of causes and negative effects of obesity in children, but likely there are ways to hinder or even discontinue the spread of this turning point. In the United States today we have a plague of childhood obesity. When we think about the problem, we began to point fingers at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, saying their food and servings sizes are to blame.

To help reduce the risk of obesity in children educating children on nutrition is crucial for them to make informed choices about food and to guide understanding about the relationship between diet and health (Holden macdonald. The aim of this report is to investigate how parents largely contribute to their childrens food consumption. How children arent being provided with the right amounts of nutritional needs for development and growth, due to parents lack of knowledge and understanding. 1.2 Scope, this research covers, food Consumption, parental Lifestyles. Obesity, food Consumption.0 Lack of nutrition, according to data-research (Inglis waters et al, 2003 the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that are being consumed by children in Australia has decreased in the last 10 years and they arent eating the daily recommended amounts.

For young children this is a large concern as parents are not providing them with the essential nutrients they need. Another survey showed that adults mostly eat two to three daily portions while being aware of the five-a-day message. Defining a portion can be inaccurate as many people interpret it differently. For example, 25 of people believed that). Childhood obesity is not just an issue in the United States its wide-ranging. The amount of overweight and obese children in the.

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Show More, executive summary, throughout the years Children are becoming more obese, and there are plenty of factors which contribute to obesity, whether is it societal, environmental and even biological. This report focuses on the parental influence of young primary and pre-school aged childrens attitudes towards foods. It looks at ways we can change and prevent obesity happening from a food consumption perspective. An inclusion of current issues were facing in society today in relation really to parental influences on children and will also be in this report. Introduction.0 Background, young children are not in control of their food consumption, their parents are. This factor largely contributes to children becoming obese. Their parents need to show more content, children can be easily influenced at a younger age than in later childhood as theyre still developing their own habits therefore reinforcing good habits is a key to minimising obesity.

reasons of obesity essay

In a study, about 70 percent of overweight children had at least on cardiovascular risk factor, when the other 39 percent had two or more. They also can have an increased risk of impaired glucose tolerance, and insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes (Thompson). Breathing problems can also result from overweight, such as sleep and apnea and asthma. Obese children and adolescents have a greater risk of social and psychological problems such as discrimination and poor self-esteem, and can continue into adulthood (Segel). Emotional problems are another present result of childhood obesity. In most cases, children who suffer from this have a low self-esteem or are often depressed. Overweight children are the ones who are most likely to be bullied and made fun on in school or public places.

to be outside doing some kind of outdoor activity like basketball, soccer, roller-skating, bike riding, and other similar things. Another reason for obesity can result from low self-esteem, depression, or dramatic events that have taken place in their lives. Sometimes when parents arent financially stable it is difficult for them to be able to provide healthy food to their children, or be able to put them in sports, or in other activities. If both parents are obese, the child has an 80 percent chance of becoming overweight (Thompson). They eat the same foods as their parents and follow their steps in activities and ways of taking care of each other. Obesity cant be inherited, but diseases that cause it will. Childhood obesity can have a very bad effect on their bodies in many ways. Obese children are most likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which can result in the child having a cardiovascular disease.

If children have a body mass greater than or equal to the 95th percent for their age, they are considered obese (Bell). There are many reasons why these children have become overweight so young. There are several main causes of a child being resume overweight are lack of exercise and poor nutrition, eating high-calorie foods on a regular daily base like fast foods, baked goodies, snacks from vending machines, and soda without daily exercise increases the weight of a child. Since 1970 fast food consumption has increased five times more than before. One third of children in the United States between ages four and nineteen eat fast food every day; which concludes in a weight gain of about six pounds per year (kids health). Because of the fact that children dont have the same access to healthy foods like before where mom used to cook food everyday, and kids do not exercise in any type of physical activity anymore. Children are now spending over three hours a day watching television.

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Causes of Children, obesity, health Risks, and points Prevention, abstract. Obesity is the term for being grossly fat or overweight. Over the past few years the number of obese and overweight children has increased, and in no way has or is being something done about. Nutrition, television, computers, video gaming, and lack of exercise have been main causes for children being overweight. A big one is fast food; these huge fast-food chains have been encouraging children to want to consume their unhealthy foods, by giving away toys with their kids meal. Obesity puts the children at a high risk of developing serious illnesses. They have unhealthy weight, lung weakening, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many more illnesses that put their lives at risk. Children may also gain emotional problems coming from bullying, self - esteem issues, and simply not being able to do the same activities as kids who are healthy.

reasons of obesity essay
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The problem of childhood obesity is a growing one. The center for Disease control said that between, the number of obese children in the United State more than doubled.

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  1. Childhood obesity is not just an issue in the United States its wide-ranging. The amount of overweight and obese children in the. S has increased at a rapid speed over the pass years, and there is no chance of it slowing down unless matters are taken.

  2. The Problem of Obesity in America. One more important factor we often forget about when investigating the reasons for high obesity rates. Causes of Obesity Obesity attacks over half people in America. Obesity occurs when a person weight is above its ideal body weight, and this is a major problem in America.

  3. Causes of Children, obesity, health Risks, and Prevention abstract. Obesity is the term for being grossly fat or overweight. Over the past few years the number. Submit your essay for.

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