Essay advantage of phone

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essay advantage of phone

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Exchange of information has become do at sight by what was telephoned anywhere. By it, update speed of the whole information has become fast. No doubt, it has changed the whole scenario of the world. The cellular phone or the mobile phone has become necessity for today's world. But the new generation is misusing it by distorting its uses. Some innocent people are being exploited through. Mms, video clippings, picture messaging are some of the ways which are being misused.

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In Japan it is as high as one mobile phone per ten people. However, when the number of cellulars users had increased many new subscribers are low users. In the United Kingdom cable operators are giving some five lakh extra subscribers per month. Presently China tops the list of the mobile user countries. India does not lag behind. It is fast approaching to equallize or even supercedes the status of China. When we think over the advantage of a cellular phone in comparison to the old rigid telephones, we can say thesis that the greatest advantage of the cellular phone is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. It can send a message, store a date. It can be used as computer and a whole world in one's hand. As for the instant information, nature of a cellular phone it has an advantage in life controlled by the information that continues changing by a minute unit of advanced information oriented society.

A mobile phone works on a unique networked system which needs no wiring, no fixation and no botheration. Originally it was used in cars, airlines, and passanger trains but increasingly it is bill becoming ubiquitous. It is basically low- power radio telephone. In this magical system calls go through radio transmitters that are located within small geographical unit which are known as cells. Since each cell's signals are too weak to interfere with those of other cells operating on the same frequencies and more channels can be used than would be possible with high power radio frequency transmission. Narrow-band frequency modulation (FM) is the most common mode of transmission, each message is assigned a carrier, unique to the cell from which it is transmitted. The cellular phone was first tested in 1978. The cellular market in Britain alone had grown at a rapid rate.5 million users by 1997.

essay advantage of phone

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The whole world is taking a new turn with every fraction of time. It has given birth to globalization. The world has been contracted and concised at a tip. There are a lot of new means of communication which have made our life so simple and easy going. Mobile phone can be seen as the most used present day phenomenon in this fast growing time. Mobile phone is a revolutionary step in the field of tele-communication. We had the days when the telephones only served the purpose of communication through sound. Mobile phone has completely changed the concept review of the telephoning. Now a phone is not only a mere phone but it is a lot in itself.

Mobile phones connects world and the people living it in a pretty good way and lots of people claim that they cant work if they dont have a mobile phone. People give you thousands of reason how their busy life needs a mobile phone to ease things a bit. Warren Buffet, one of the worlds richest men thinks different. In fact he doesnt even use a mobile phone. If he can then we can. But it is entirely up to an individual. We are living in an electronic age.

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essay advantage of phone

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People who work can get their mails on the phone itself. Students can search for information from the internet. People use internet more for bad things. Social networking is the main evil here. Camera, i have mentioned camera separately because i think it is a really powerful tool. Advantage Camera in a mobile phone can be really useful in capturing memories because no matter how smaller a real digital camera get, you cant carry it every where.

However you have your mobile phone with you everywhere you. The pictures and videos taken through mobile phones by people, of a crime, have been very useful in carrying on investigations and bringing justice. Disadvantage, many times this creates a hole in the privacy of people. Malicious people have been known to post pictures and films of other people intimate moments. Since the social networking took a boom the young generation spend more time in taking pictures to post on these websites rather surfer than doing something productive and this all take place with the help of a phone with a camera. Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones conclusion Conclusion even if mobile phones have a bit of disadvantages but still the advantagestotally dominate them and most of the disadvantages are the ones created by people themselves. So, i would say we should try to make use of its good assets rather then making it work against.

The disadvantage to this would be the dependence of humans on their cell phone, so, in case they lost it their whole life would come to a stand still. Another thing, i have seen many people listening to music on their mobile phones all the time. This also has effects on your hearing and your concentration power. Advantage, when you are away from home there is always a fear in the mind of your loved ones about your well being but if you have a cell phone, that means, they can remain in your contact all the time. It can reduce if not completely vanishes that fear. The only disadvantage to this is that it puts a hole in your privacy and it is difficult to stay alone.

Advantage, with the help of this service you can send a common message to lots of people. This is a real time saver. Another advantage is that it can help you contact with other people if you are in a place or scene where you cant talk on the phone. Like everything people misuse this technology too. A lot of time gets wasted on just messaging. Internet Advantage, almost, all the phones that are made now days have facility to use internet. This is very important for people of all age groups.

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Second disadvantage would be the money people spend on these worthless applications. I know many of them are available for free but there are pretty good number of applications that are not. Advantage, mobile is an all in one gadget. Only a fool can say something else. If you want to wake up in the morning, then, it works as an alarm. Tells you time, day, date, works as a notepad when you want to note something important down and remind you of various events. I wont be incorrect if I say it like a wife who takes care of her husband.


essay advantage of phone

Your choice would have to be based on the expected size of the payload. Msdn, the maximum size of a notification is 1 kb for the header and 3 kb for the payload. Technology is basically the technology for disables. In sports it I have mentioned about the various applications for autistic kids which run of mobile phones and it works wonderfully with them. Apart from this, there are several mini applications that can be of a great help in our day to day life. The greatest disadvantage of these applications is that people waste a lot of time using them. If there are 100 applications that are helpful and worthy, then, there are a million applications that are nothing but a waste of time.

listen to music and find the information I need. A raw notification is probably best used alongside a pull request in a lot of cases. I would tend to use a notification purely to tell a running client that - that could be anything from a new message has arrived server-side (in which case you might want to send out the message in the notification) to "The whole of the. As mentioned, you can use the raw notification to send out all the required information if it is small enough, but on other occasions you will most likely just be telling the app that it needs to call home for some action.

Now all adults and all children have a mobile. But there are some disadvantages. People see each other less frequently. If parents give a mobile to their children he or she uses it at the lessons. It is not very good. The next disadvantage of lab mobile phones is their harmful influence on peoples health. I think that nowadays mobile phones are an integral part of life of any person.

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Mobile phone is resume a very useful device. Nowadays some people can hardly imagine themselves without mobile phones. If they leave it at home they feel quite helpless. The main advantage of a phone is that you can keep in touch with people in any place and in any time. It is very useful if you need help. Modern mobile phones are multi-function. You can play games, listen to music, find information in the Internet, take photos and. We take it use it everywhere. It helps you not to be bored.

essay advantage of phone
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562 Words, essay on mobile phone : a boon to modern civilization. When we think over the advantage of a cellular phone in comparison to the old rigid.

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