At rejse er at leve essay

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at rejse er at leve essay

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He runs his own record label "The jon Kennedy federation" which hosts 15 artists. All this is run from his studio and office located in a 14th century central European building. The "Jon Kennedy federation" releases artist lp's, singles remixes and brings to you the unique and pioneering discipline of audio branding! Links: Stan Dart Born in the year that nasa first landed on the moon, Stan got involved in music as a teenager through creating mixtapes of his favourite music. As a child of the 80s, the music of this decade (especially the 12 inch versions!) was formative for Stan. Songs by Frankie goes to hollywood, Propaganda, depeche mode, elo and queen accompanied him throughout these years.

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He has studied arranging, orchestration and composition with masters like joe paparone, guy michelmore, and Scott Smalley, as well as Ben Newhouse, suzanne dean, and Jerry gates of Berklee college of Music. From intense action-adventure cues, to whimsical Harry potter-inspired pieces, the dynamic orchestral writing tracks of GaribaldiMusic easily fit a multitude of film, tv, and video game scenarios and have been used in various productions. This includes the tv show Mythbusters (Discovery Channel radio commercials, web promotions/commercials, and podcasts for the european southern Observatory and esa/Hubble Space telescope. Samples of toomas's music can be found at GaribaldiMusic and licensing can be arranged through AudioSparx Links: Konstantino polizois Born in Athens in the mid 80s, konstantino polizois got involved in music early in life. Self-taught and very passionate about sound and harmony, he works on a plethora of projects which pertain to recording music and sounds to accompany visual images. He has composed documentary scores and theme music for television programmes, has directed the sound design for various applications, and has written jingles for the largest private television networks in Greece. His love for astrophysics and the cosmos has inspired him to become an exceptional music composer for documentaries that deal with the sciences and humanity. Recently he has been honoured with the title of eso music Ambassador environmental and composes music for the organisations discoveries and documentaries. Links: Jon Kennedy having worked professionally in the music industry for 17 years, jon has released 6 lp's on the uk's best underground labels, remixed over 60 artists and amassed more than 3 million recorded plays on LastFM. He has thousands of fans on Social Media and has featured on various Hollywood films.

F, edward Artemiev; a blogger at / for the past 10 years; and the promoter and the head of the online community for musicians inspired by space "New Horizons" for 12 years. Links: Nigel Stanford Nigel Stanford, also known as John Stanford, is a well-known Ambient and New Age electronic music composer from Wellington, new zealand. His mild form of Synesthesia writing makes music appear to him as different colours has a huge influence over his science based music videos that he creates for his music. His debut album, deep Space has been re-released as Solar Echoes and is characterised by total fusion of Trance and Ambient music. Nigel went on to write the soundtrack to the stunning time lapse movie timescapes. A new album and video automatica are due for release shortly. Links: Mylonite mylonite is a french author, composer, interpreter and videomaker of the 1986 generation. Mylonite tries through his art to push the importance of reflection, knowledge and science. Links: toomas Erm Currently based in Sweden, toomas brings us exciting music in, among others, the Dramatic, Classical, and Rock genres.

at rejse er at leve essay

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Galatis presently is an Associate Professor. The royal Conservatory in Toronto. Galatis presently composes from Toronto canada. Links: Igor Kiselev, born 1982, Igor graduated from the. Petersburg University in 2004 with a degree in aerospace instrumentation, and then studied further at the. Petersburg State University with the department of celestial mechanics until 2006. Igor has enjoyed a very wide ranging career. He has worked as: the director of External Relations of the baltic Symphony Orchestra for 5 years; the official representative of the latvian rock group "Zodiac" for 4 years; the deputy editor of "Exclusive" for 2 years. He has also been a music critic for 10 years, and his portfolio includes: /A/P/63108/areview/ ; he is also the creator and administrator of the personal site of the people's Artist.

After various incarnations, the first of which was with david Ward-Hunt as wavestar who he met in 1982-3, and who made quite a name for themselves after their first live concert in Sheffield in 1985, he has continued to be a popular composer and artist. Currently he is about to move home once more (2016) back to his hometown of Sheffield in the uk, so the next album is now on hold as the studio is obviously all packed away! Links: Jennifer Athena galatis, from the beginning of her career, jennifer Athena galatis has charted new directions for composing, pushing the boundaries of classical orchestration with the use of electronic instrumentation. Over the last decade, she has been recognised for incorporating computer-generated electronic instruments in combination with a real orchestra for film scoring. Born in Canada, and the daughter of Greek immigrants, galatis moved to Athens, Greece in 1978 as a child, and it was there where she took her first music lessons. While still at school, her work was performed in many concerts around Athens. Over the course of her career, she has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards in recognition of her achievements as an artist. Galatis works are included in numerous trailers, documentaries, tv shows, and films. Her classical music works have been featured on cbc radio and Radio canada.

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at rejse er at leve essay

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Johan is educated in jazz-harmony, music-theory, music-history, sound-technique and sound-design. Living near the immense forest of the central-east Norway, he draws inspiration from that environment daily to zitieren fully express himself in all of his music. His niche is music for tv and film. Links: Steve buick, british composer Steve buick uses electronics, twisted fx, massive beats, orchestral instruments and the gravity of the sun to create his sound. His work has been licensed to theatrical campaigns for mgm, paramount and Universal as julian well as to major tv shows and promos worldwide for cbs, fox, bbc, espn, discovery and many more. He was front man and writer in underground band One lady Owner, the last band signed to legendary uk record label Creation (Oasis, Primal Scream, my bloody valentine) with a critically-acclaimed album and 3 singles.

This was followed by projects with world famous producers Flood and Alan moulder (U2, depeche mode, smashing Pumpkins, foo fighters). He also creates music as background to reading books via his company. Besides producing long soundscapes for reading sic-fi, horror and thrillers, he works with such names as Peter f hamilton and neal Asher, bringing musical atmospheres to their best-selling novels. John has been writing, playing and recording (melodic) electronic music (EM) since the early 1980s, but was always a fan of music in general prior to that, especially The Shadows and melodic orchestral music. He is a self-taught musician and it never fails to amaze him how so many folks love what he does!

Every project is unique and has its own vision and focus — mostly realised using music, sound design, images or a performance. The different projects showcase the versatility and the scope of tonelabs. Themed under the motto: Music is not just a combination of sounds but a lifestyle "gathering open minds — one beat at a time". Max is a sound designer and music composer and the owner. He is focused on new technology, electronic music, visual art and loves synthesisers.

Ali is also a sound designer and music composer. In his own projects like apoplexymusic, his emphasis belongs to soundtracks, world music and new ages styles. More about tonelabs: More about Max Pfetscher's Music: More about Ali raini's Music: geir Johan Back monell, johan started playing music at the age of seven and has been composing music since the age of ten. He has played in over a dozen bands, from pop bands to metal bands with concerts and touring nationally and internationally. He plays drums, guitar, bass, piano, synth and keyboard and have been doing so for more than 25 years and has several album and single releases from his former career as a touring musician. Johan has worked freelance as a front of house sound-technician for seven years, scene-technician for ten years and has a long career as a professional arranger and song instructor for theatre and plays. He has also composed, recorded and produced songs in many different genres throughout the years.

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A profit/loss based business, Anna went from a cost essay center/centralized function over to the sales/revenue-generation side. Vi beklager, denne side findes endnu ikke på dansk, så vi viser den på originalsproget istedet. Max Pfetscher ali raini: tonelabs. Geir Johan Back monell, steve buick, john Dyson. Jennifer Athena galatis, igor Kiselev, nigel Stanford, mylonite. Toomas shmoop Erm, konstantino polizois, jon Kennedy, stan Dart. The tonelabs duo was founded in 2005 by Ali reza raini and Max Pfetscher to realise creative audiovisual projects.

at rejse er at leve essay

Our Market Technology business supports over 75 markets around the world from large established markets in Hong Kong, singapore, australia, switzerland, saudi Arabia and Japan, to essay frontier markets such as in East Africa and Iraq. What are you most proud of at work? I would say that building great teams has been my most important accomplishment as a leader, and is the biggest reason for my success no person can do this type of work without taking a collaborative, team approach and as the world gets increasingly global. What advice would you give a young woman seeking an executive level career? I would give the same advice to everyone: A true leader should be driven by passion, hard work, a focus on results fueled by innovation and collaboration. . you should also not be afraid to take risk: I changed my field in my career, from economics to technology; I changed countries, from Canada to the us; and I moved from running technology to running a. What is your New years resolution? Not to make promises I cant keep!

trust, an open and collaborative approach, and a passion for what you do are key characteristics that I look for in my colleagues. How do you see technology helping to reshape the economic landscape in the near future? Technology touches all aspects of our life today and increasingly, the internet of everything will interconnect all aspects of our home, play and work life. . In the business world, we see technology in action at nasdaq omx and it is core to our products and services in all areas of our business. . Technology creates innovation led jobs and increased productivity gains that stimulates our economy. What is the role of the local exchange within the economy? The exchange is the key driver of capital formation in a country and it is often the heartbeat of an economy. .

everyone was so enthusiastic to be part of our nasdaq omx family. Where do you prefer to travel on your free time? I have travelled the the globe for both business and vacations and I love experiencing the different cultures and foods around the world. . i also love wine and plan to visit as many wine regions in the world as possible! How do you like to revitalize/recharge when away from the office? I really enjoy spending time with my family and friends. . I live on the waterfront in Long Island sound in ny and love to take walks on the beach.

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November 2013, please describe your activities during a typical week? Every week is a busy, but exciting one for me and each week is different. This week in particular I collaborated with our senior management team in Corporate solutions and did a successful global webcast updating our employees on several new initiatives on how to grow our business. Earlier this week, i was honored to be the recipient of from Traders Magazines Excellence in leadership award for Wall Street Women. I have worked in the industry for over 25 years and it was a thrill to have several of my colleagues there to share in the celebration. Did you have a nice summer, what have you done? This summer I spent time with my family and also visited several customers and nasdaq omx offices in Asia, europe, canada and Australia. The highlights of the business trip were sharing my career experience with several women executives at the hong Kong Exchange, one of our main Market Technology customers, and meeting our new colleagues from Thomson reuters around the world. .

at rejse er at leve essay
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Carry them here and there, jumping o er times, could we even squeeze into this little theater the helmets that looked so frightening at, agincourt? What you should write your college essay about.

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  2. Rejse til e-elt armazones. He is a self-taught musician and it never fails to amaze him how so many folks love what he does! Journey in Afrikaans is reis journey in Danish is rejse journey in Dutch is tocht, trip, reis, toer journey in Finnish is matka journey in French is voyage, trajet journey. Hvor foretrækker du at rejse hen i din fritid?

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