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amway plan presentation

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Amway is about helping people to live better lives! Superstockist wholesaler retailer customer manufacturer manufacturer customer distributor. Pv bv 10,000 5,00,50,00,00,000 6 note: 1 pv 50 bv distribution of. Sponsor local team pesonal 3000 4 customer 1200 your bonus level 6 Example stage 1 pv bv 10,000 5,00,50,00,00,000 6 Note : 1 pv 50 bv retail Profit @20 x personal Sale 3000 Net Commission Earned 900 Gross Monthly earning 3900 customer customer customer customer. You 15000bv f15000 E 15000 D 15000 C 15000 B 15000 A15000 Example stage 2 Group bv total Commission Generated 12600 Commission paid out to down lines 6 of 15000) 5400 Net Differential Commission Earned 7200 Personal Retail Profit @20 3000 Gross Monthly earning 10200. Example stage 3 Group bv total Commission Generated 116550 Commission paid out to down lines 9 of 90000) 48600 Net Differential Commission Earned 67950 Personal Retail Profit @20 3000 Gross Monthly earning 7O950 pv bv 10,000 5,00,50,00,00,000 6 Note : 1 pv 50 bv personal. Performance bonus differential bonus 4 leadership bonus 1 depth bonus 2 ruby bonus 21 first time : silver 21 3 months : gold 21 6 months : platinum 21 12 months :.

Amway, business, plan, powerpoint, presentation

Build your own empire multi level marketing. Facts about Amway started in us in 1959 with 01 product. Global turnover.30,000 crores. largest summary Direct Selling company in the world. 600 patents, 450 World Class products. 100 money back guarantee on products. 32000 product training sessions each year. The Amway opportunity foundation supports more than 80000 visually impaired sun children. Amway india products 100 Products 5 Offices 1 pin codes Service 12000 Pin Codes 70 Money back guarantee 100 Money back guarantee turnover. 100 Crores Turnover. A simple business System Proven Track record of 50 Yrs in 90 countries!

Financial freedom, passive. Narayana murthy, chairman and Chief Mentor Officer. Infosys Technologies Limited, subhash Chandra Chairman of zee telefilms Limited and promoter of Essel Group of Companies Dhirubhai. Ambani founder Chairman Reliance Group Sunil Bharti fruit mittal Chairman and Managing Director Bharti airtel Limited (Bharti gulshan Kumar founder T-series group good to great. Changing trends 1960s Manufacturing 1970s Plastics 1980s Computers 1990s Physical Distribution. Current trends 2000s wellness e-commerce distribution smart money follows trends! Apollo lucknow Apollo delhi franchise model single level marketing apollo Chennai apollo calcutta.

amway plan presentation

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The, time trap, talent,. Four ways to earn money. Active income passive income. Sales Commission, asset Generated Income. Fixed Deposits Interest. When Passive income exceeds Monthly Expenditure. Financial Freedom, book understanding Money.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Amway business plan, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More. We can help, each other. Realise our, dreams. T, knowledge, experience, skill, money.

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amway plan presentation

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Requirement for abo name date of Birth Email Address Mobile biography number Bank details Photo Id proof Requirement for pc name date of Birth Email Address Mobile number. What to do after sign up? Self Use of own products Recommend products Share the plan and products Listen audio cd and read books Attend meetings and seminars be teachable be accountable learn action plan of the business Communicate and council with active sponsor team. lets check can you do it or not? Do you have any dream? Can you change your existing brands? Can you give 1-2 hour to get extra income?

Can you read the books for 15 minutes? Can you listen CDs for 15 minutes? Can you associate with Successful team? Can you attend meetings and seminars? If the answers of the above questions are yes then Congratulations! You can do it too for further information Contact: Nisha vyas M: (available on Whatsapp too) Thank you recommended LinkedIn Corporation 2018 Public clipboards featuring this slide no public clipboards found for this slide select another clipboard looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a clipboard you just clipped your first slide!

How you make money? Scenario 1: Scenario 2: you are buying the product worth rs 5000 only. Your every Preferred customer buy for 5000 each. You 5pc you will get 6 Sales Commission of Trade discount of Retail Prot Margin 2400 Total Monthly Income 6600 you are buying the product worth rs 5000 only. You 3 pc your personal turnover is 20000 you have 3 teams of each having turnover 100000 each.

You will get 6 Sales Commission of Trade discount of Retail Prot Margin 25600 Total Monthly Income 70400 Calculations are shown here for example only. As the structure becomes strong and turnover increases, income increases. You pc pc pc pc pc you pc pc abo abo abo abo pc pc pc abo abo. Sign up as Preferred Customer (pc for free. Just use the high quality Products with 100 guarantee and satisfaction. Give order to abo or Order online and get delivery within 48 to 72 hours. Sign up as Amway business Owner (abo for free. Build your own network marketing business and earn your life of choices.

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replace your day to day use products words with Amway products Earn Retail margin 8 and Trade discount. Monthly sales Commission -6 to 21 leadership Bonus-4 to 9 gip, otca and Others 14 be your own Brand Ambassador. Sell your products Sponsor new abo. I dont want to be a salesman Its not about being a salesman. Its about a dream life and sharing with people you know: Friends Family relatives neighbors Colleague doctor beautician teacher Business associates up Line help you coach you guide you amway company products World Class Products Product knowledge and training bww education System meetings Seminars books. Im at very good level in my company/ ive a well established business/ occupation do you have that security that if you wont work in your current occupation for a month, then you are tension free? Here you will earn Financial security and freedom from work if you achieve the higher goals.

amway plan presentation

All products are natural and without side effects. If you know how to use and benets then they are not at all costly. Where is the money? Traditional Business Network business manufacturing cost. 40 mrp. 100Product and distribution network distribution cost. 60 Company distributor Wholeseller Transport Advertisemen t Consumer Network marketing Business Network manufacturing cost. 100 you own your consumer network and business network you can earn 60 Distribution Money through a system for Lifelong and Automatically company you as abo downline abo/ Customer Downline abo/ Customer Downline abo/ Customer Consumer.

from 80 countries doing. What is Amway actually. but Amway products are very costly who will buy them? Compared to which brand products they are costly? These are world class products and coming after lots of research, having 1000 patent granted. Products give 100 satisfaction and guarantee. nutrilite is World's number one health supplement brand. Home care products are concentrated and organic.

what is this not, money making scheme, money circulation scheme. Chit fund, jackpot or lottery, investment plan, mutual-fund or fund raising. Get rich quick scheme or pay per click plan. Overnight running company, member making plan, then, What is this 21st Century business Hardcore business e-commerce revolution Business for Generation Business for leadership Entrepreneurial Opportunity business of Signicance. What are the available options? 18 to 25 years education Experience skill skill x time income skill (limited) x time (limited) Income (Limited) How to multiply skill and really time? Amway business a simple concept built on common sense, hard work, and rewarding people for their accomplishments ohh Amway its scamwayno wayIm not interested Hold.

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Successfully reported this slideshow. Amway business plan presentation, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Be the first writing to like this. No downloads, no notes for slide. On current carrier path almost all of us want: Lifetime Income security, tension Free life, healthy well beings. Quality time for ourselves as well as with family. Peace of mind, regular sufcient income after retirement, recognition and rewards for hard work and dedication at work place as well as at home. Good Education of kids, vacation Trips, if you desire at least one thing from above then you need some good opportunity apart from your job or occupation which would give you life full of your choices. Thats why youre on this presentation.

amway plan presentation
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  1. This Amway marketing plan is prepared by david Bryan Bernabe. F presentation what can our team help you achieve amway. Uploader avatar vijay_meena business Prese ntation Modified India.

  2. Facts about Amway started i n us in 1959 with 01 product. Presentation on Amway corp. Join the best business opportunity and get time, money and financi al security.

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